Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Official Countdown.

Today, July 16, it's exactly one month left till departure. It is about time to start The Official Countdown. And no countdown without a Countdown Calendar.

The story of the visa came to a perfect solution - in the end. After lots of stress, correspondence with the embassy who booked me in for a new appointment, hunting somebody to fill in for me at work and thinking about how to travel to Stockholm, I had it all worked out. Not the ideal situation, since I didn't want to take a day off work and a return ticket to Stockholm that exact day was very expensive. But I didn't really care, I just wanted my appointment. After confirming it to the embassy I got an e-mail saying that there were some new openings.

I logged in on the website, which was magically working for the first time in a week, and found more that 60 available appointments next week, when I will be visiting my sister, close to Stockholm. It all just made me laugh! I booked the first appointment available, sent my colleague a text saying that she doesn't have to work for me and told my wallet it doesn't have to worry about buying an expensive flight ticket.

Now, I'm just counting down with a big smile on my face and a much lighter heart. Well, obviously hoping I will be granted a visa. But why shouldn't I? I have nothing but good intentions and nothing else but clothes and books in my suitcase. Good things do happen to good people. Let's start the countdown.

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