Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally a visa!

Yesterday was the day! The going-to-the-embassy-for-a-visa-interview-day. That's right, that day finally came. I got up early in the morning, took the first train from Nyköping to Stockholm, met up with one of my Roomies to be, and started the big mission.

We had been told to go there at least two or three hours before our scheduled appointments, since it would probably be a long, long line just to enter the embassy. So at 8:20 AM we were there, waiting in line with 15-20 other people. After an hour in the sun (yes, the weather was very kind to us) they let us enter the buildning. "Are you her sister?" the guard asked me, since we have the same last name. Another guard with a serious look on his face asked me to take a sip of my water (what did he think it was?) and when I, smiling, said to him "Yes, with pleasure!" he looked at me and gave me a cute smile back.

Once inside the building, we only had to wait another hour before we were called for our interviews. My friend went first, maxium three minutes. I was called to the same booth right after and the nice lady asked me (for the second time this day) "Are you two sisters? Will you also be attending the journalism classes? Alright, it all looks good. Thank you and good luck!". And that was that. I was granted a visa and it will be sent to me within a week.

There were two happy girls leaving the embassy (me telling the last guard to have a nice day) and back at the train station, when we found ourselves standing in front of an American flag, we both just said: YES!

Early train.

Happy girls
America - here we come!

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