Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wants and needs.

I'm not a girl who buys a lot of clothes, nor shoes. I prefer spending my money on good food, strong coffee and sweet chocolate cakes, preferably while out travelling! I don't buy a lot of other stuff either. Let's just say that I'm not a big spender. However, at this very moment, I have a list of three things I would love to buy.

Number One: A new computer. One slightly (a lot!) lighter than my good old fellow Dell Inspiron 6400. No offense, Mr. Dell, you have been a good soldier by my side and never caused me any bigger problems. But after five years, your batteries are so tired they won't even last for an hour and I think that you have actually put on some weight! A MacBook Whatever is supposed to be nice and sweet.

Number Two: A new cellphone. Again, Mr. SonyEricsson I-don't-know-your-name, aka Little Pink One, you are also a good friend of mine and always have been, but I can see you are a bit tired. You are getting old. Your buttons are not working correctly. Your battery dies after a few calls and sometimes you don't even connect to the charger. If I could, I would by a BlackBerry. Oh my God, yes.

Number Three: A new camera! I loved Mr. Canon Digital IXUS 8515. He was perfect for me. But he is no longer with me. His brain is still working, yes, but his heart does not beat by itself anymore. A chilly (freezing) day up in the Italian mountains, he got severe injuries and never recovered. May you rest in peace, dear friend. I think it would be great to get to know your younger brother.

So, these are the three things I would like to buy. Unfortunately, I'm saving all my money to be able to still buy food and live a decent life in D.C, so it's gonna be me and the guys travelling again. Well, at least I know them inside and out. I hope they will survive yet another adventure with me.

Me and the guys moving to Nice in 2009.

Me and my dear friend Canon taking a walk in Nice.

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