Friday, July 20, 2012

Same, same but three completely different ladies.

We're so different from each other. They're so young – Grandma's so old. Iron likes to plan things in detail – Grandma goes with the flow. Tattarn is into fashion – Grandma couldn't care less about clothing. Iron is afraid of the kitchen – Grandma loves to bake. Tattarn is an early bird – Grandma snoozes for an hour. If each one of us would be given a room to decorate, the three outcomes would look nothing like each other.

But I guess we share some core values. We're all interested in the fields of journalism and PR (PR especially!). All three of us have somewhat of an abnormal relationship with our respective Macs. We all share a passion for life in general and certain things in particular; Mad Men (and hot men), writing, travelling, food and (thank God, considering the latter) working out.

After a year of being tighter than tights, basically 24/7, we also share DC.

However, when you're being tossed together in a situation like ours, you don't really know if you are friends for real before you are separated and then reunited – it's a fact! Now, let me tell you, that the 305 girls were reunited a week ago and we are definitely friends for real.

Such a blessing. Let's keep on jumping all around the world.

JUMP – you're in Böppa!

JUMP – you're in Snickersville! (Photo creds. to our beloved BOB, we've missed you lately.)

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