Sunday, May 6, 2012

Turn the down side up when it's all upside down.

I sense a big change in the air. My world is turning upside down and I don't really know how to deal with it. I actually don't think I've grasped it yet – I might do tomorrow. Streets will change, views will be different, people will disappear. And that last part hurts my heart from the inside out. But then again, it's only a sign of absolute affection and those kind of feelings are never bad – in the end.

When these things happen, I do what I do best; I stay positive and turn every single bit around to try to find the good that can and will come out of the situation. When I start counting, it adds up to quite a lot and I won't stop until the good things have outnumbered the bad ones.

Because change is not bad. Upside down is not only negative. It's simply different. It's a change of perspective and if you just keep your eyes open, you will see all the fun it will bring.

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  1. Hej Malin, det här är Maria, om du går in på min blogg känner du nog igen mig (kanske iaf). jag har varit inne o läst din blogg senaste tiden och tycker om den jättemycket. gillar hur du skriver dina ord på ett sätt så man känner att det är så det ska vara! texten till detta inlägg gillade jag extra mycket då min tillvaro också förändras snart, har varit på Ollerup gymnastikhögskola sen i augusti och i Juni åker vi hem. tack för en fin blogg!