Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Field trip: Baltimore.

Good morning Baltimore, we shouted yesterday. But as we are on vacation and don't really want to follow a strict time schedule, it was more afternoon when we actually got there. Nevertheless, we did get there (after such good metro flow – even on the red line – it was almost unbelievable!) and were happily surprised by a new atmosphere and a cute inner harbor.

Today's field trip advice if you're in the DC area and want a change of scenery is, naturally, Baltimore.

DC–Baltimore: $7.00 with MARC train from Union Station.

Jump more, you're in Baltimore!

They liked the view from Federal Hill and they like each other.

Mainly an industrial city, but today also with a growing service economy. 

American Visionary Art Museum, unfortunately closed...

...as was the Walter Art Museum.

Greatest in America? At least the largest in Maryland.

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