Monday, April 23, 2012

What are you reading, dear reader?

Today, April 23, was World Book and Copyright Day. Did you celebrate? Did you read a book? Do you read books, dear reader? And if so, what and when?

I mostly read on the metro, on my way home from work; on my way to work, I'm usually busy catching up with the news. I find it hard being by myself on public transportation without something to read. It's just such a waste of time just sitting and being transported from point A to point B. I prefer escaping into someone else's story while being rocked back and forth by the train.

I just finished an amazing story that I highly recommend – Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. It took me from laughing out loud on the train to pain to insight to nausea to complete heartbreak and a melancholic yet warm ache deep into my very soul. Read it!

It's never a fair game, being "The Book After" such a pleasant reading experience, therefore I moved on to something in a completely different genre and I'm now going through a story of a teetotal, former alcoholic sharing her experience giving up booze. I haven't really experienced the gripping, inspiring, entertaining and enlightening as the cover suggests, but it's okay. Every now and then it shines and it makes me smile.

That's what reading is about – pushing buttons, provoking emotions and sparking thoughts. Grab a book, folks!

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