Monday, April 23, 2012

All your weird skills matter.

"Malin, how is your Russian?"

Quite honestly, my Russian is not that good. It never was – because I never studied Russian, obviously. But I am interested in languages and somewhat of a linguistic nerd, so when I was asked to help out with some Russian pronunciation at work the other week, I was happy to jump in and make an honest effort.

Luckily, I have a friend who do study Russian, so that was my first source. Then, I listened over and over and over to a sound bite while transcribing the word in question into phonetic symbols. (For a language nerd, that's a party!)

See, my point here is that all your weird skills matter, so don't hide them. I haven't been asked to show off any acrobatic skills yet, but if the moment would come, I could. I actually once did a cartwheel in front of a group of future co-workers, simply because our instructor asked if anybody could.

Don't be shy, fellow interns. You are you because of all the odd things that you know, so let it show. Unless it's something obviously inappropriate – I mean, that beer chugging record you hold might be better suited elsewhere.

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