Sunday, April 8, 2012

Make the happy feelings feel welcome.

There has been a lot going on lately. In my heart, my head, my life. But I'm no special. I'm no different than anybody else. We all have our days, weeks, months when everything is a mess and we struggle to make it through. But we also all have our days, weeks, months when things are good and we smile for no apparent reason.

This being said, it just occurred to me that we are (at least I am) so much better at pointing out the sooner rather than the later. "Oh, what a horrible day." "Miserable week, please end." That's stupid.

Therefore, today, when a sudden rush of happiness struck me as I was having coffee with my dear roommate, I just had to notify her that I was in a good mood. "I feel happy right now." Because I did. Over the simplicity of a coffee with a very good friend.

And they come and go. Those happy feelings. But don't you think that they would be more willing to come back if every time they did visit, they were recognized and acknowledged? Everybody wants to feel welcome, right? And most of us want to be happy.

Let the good feelings know you like them. Say it. Life is good. And if it's not, try to make it better.

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