Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working out or simply working?

I just read an article on The Society Pages, showing how a typical CEO spend his or her 55 hour working week. Out of those hours, 20 are devoted to "miscellaneous" projects, including working out for example.

The writer of the article discusses the issue of a CEO getting the benefit of counting working out as working, while this probably wouldn't be the case for a low wage employee. Good point, that is an issue. But instead of focusing on the inequalities here, I would like to view this report from a different angle. I would like to encourage more CEOs to actually do count working out as working (obviously for everybody!).

Have you ever read about how physical activity also improves your mental health? Yes? That's what I thought. Then think about how well that could fit into the workplace. Just as this article on BusinessNewsDaily suggests, employees who work out regularly have a better mental health which, in turn, makes them better workers. Thus, offering employees the benefit of going to the gym or attending a zumba class during office hours could actually be beneficial for the company in the long run.

Yes, CEOs, mid-level workers, associates, interns, what have you – let's all pack that gym bag, get comfortable in a tracksuit, put on those joggers and run our way to our career goals.

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