Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Speaking of plus one's.

Are you a Google+ user? I wish you were. Then I would add you to one of my circles and we could share relevant information with each other. You would get to know my real me through my scrapbook photos and we could gather a group of friends and have a hangout – a video call with up to ten different accounts, all free of charge! Wouldn't that be neat?

And speaking of neat, isn't the design, even though its similarities with Facebook, so much cleaner than previous mentioned social network? I'm a big fan of Google design in general and Plus does not disappoint me.

But everybody is on Facebook. Google+ might count for over 100 million users, but not even Google itself seems to know how many of those who are actually active. What's the point of hanging out where nobody else is? Like going to an empty restaurant and be surrounded by nothing but music and a waitress who is dying to get home. Well, when the atmosphere is pleasant and the food is good, take the opportunity of getting to know that waitress. Being alone in a restaurant can actually open up for great service and an unforgettable experience.

Go ahed, create an account and add me to a suitable circle and we can hang out and get to know each other and everything that Google+ has to offer. The atmosphere is so nice, I just wish I could have some more company over there. A plus one would be neat.

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