Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tweets and cartwheels.

If you could make a wish and create a job that would be a combination of your biggest passions in life, what would it be? And did you ever think that this particular job might actually exist? The other day, I found a university program called Sport Communication. Basically, it trains you to become brilliant in using different media in order to communicate the beauty of sport, fitness and health. And I'm not only talking about being a sports journalist, I'm talking about overall communication and everything that is included under that umbrella.

Enter my belief about social media being such a brilliant tool for combining your interests. Tweeting about gymnastics for a living, for example. I can't think of something more dream like. Actually, to be out there with the girls and live in a tracksuit would be ideal, of course, but you get my point.

Combine your passions and share them across the Web. Most of us do that, anyway. I'm doing some really intense thinking myself right now, how I could do that in a smart way. I'll keep you posted; here or on Twitter or maybe on one of my Pinterest boards.


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