Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Now: Basketball for All!

Near Big Arena. Now Begins Amusement. Need Beer Anyone? Not Bad at All.

When you read this, your devoted blogger is @TheVerizonCenter in Washington DC, experiencing yet another cultural biggie, enjoying (hopefully) her first game of NBA. Oh yes, it stands for National Basketball Association, none of that bullshit above.

The Washington Wizards – a team from what I've heard cannot perform magic at all, which was good for us, because the tickets were cheap – are playing the New York Knicks. My basketball knowledge is rather limited – I know that a dunk is something good – so I will just follow the crowd. Go Wizards, I will shout when everybody else do.

Go Wizards, GOOOO!!!

Not so Brilliant Artwork – I know, but it's from the arena.

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