Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Metro Minutes.

I always thought that the minutes shown on the board down at the metro, letting passengers know when the next train will arrive, never really corresponded to real life time. When I once mentioned my thought to my, at that time, fellow metro rider, he picked up a watch and started to investigate the case.

It turned out it was exactly as I suspected. The metro minutes are not the same as the minutes we know in the so called real world. The metro minutes are just up there on the board to give us something to look at. I assume, to ease our stressed out minds giving us some sort of time reference. We know that 18 is much more than 5.

Somehow, that seems to matter. Time matters. 18 or 5 or 10 or 3 or 12. That could be the difference between right or wrong. It could be what decides today or tomorrow. Or. It might just not make any difference at all. Who knows. Just keep in mind not to completely trust the metro minutes. They come and go a little as they wish.

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