Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't rain on my parade. And it didn't.

This country is so very often so very interesting. Today's experience of the Presidents' Day Parade in Old Town Alexandria was such a moment. Parades in general is such a fun phenomena. People dress out and walk the streets up and down, cheering, smilig, waving and perform their tricks.

Today, in the almost warm light of early spring sun, we saw everything from mayors waving, to little girls drilling, to big military trucks, to boys scouts, to a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln, to old men in kaftans, to directors of school boards, to marching bands, to whatnot.

I love parades. They bring such a joyful atmosphere into any day. Whether sun or not. And why not end this Presidents' Day with some good words of wisdom. Tune in to Barbara Streisand and hear her tell us:

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