Friday, February 3, 2012

I am Rocky Balboa. What certain tunes do to me.

The power of music – I almost forgot about it. But today, when I was up on the treadmill, I re-discovered it. I was not the happiest camper, I must admit, and started walking slowly, when that tune came on. Into my ears. Something happened inside me and I immediately started smiling, running faster than I thought I had the energy to.

What is it with certain tunes? How can they get to you as they do? There are a few ones that always bring me to my happiest place of all times – gymnastics. Today, these songs made me smile like an idiot:

#1. Rocky Training Montage. So weird, I know, but it takes me back to the time when gymnastics was all about those local competitions, braided hair, perfect handstands, no nail polish and starting the routine outside of the floor. Those of you who were there know what I'm talking about.

#2. I believe – Yolanda Adams. A bit corny, I know. But it reminds me of the first RM with my kids and an outstanding tumbling performance by the winning team. Aesthetic group gymnastics at its best. Also, the gist of the song is cheerful and sometimes what I need. But please, don't tell anybody I admitted that I like it.

#3. Det snurrar i min skalle – Familjen. Because it's the family! My kids! Those lovely ones. How I miss them, sometimes. How I think about them, quite a lot. How much they gave me and how much I hope that I also gave something to them. Something they will always carry and remember.

Ah. The power of music. And the sweet, sweet memories of gymnastics. The combo made me work out very well today. It was almost like back in the old days. Almost.

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