Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend along the green line.

This weekend has mostly taken place around the green line. Saturday, we took the metro to College Park to meet up with some Swedes – and one American – to go ice skating. After a four or five year long break from the skates (really, Andersson and Berggren, when did we go ice skating the last time?!) I wasn't sure if I would make it back in one piece. But I did [insert fanfare here] and I had a blast.

Once again, today, we took the metro to College Park. This time to head off to IKEA to spend the gift certificate we got from the Lucia performance in December. Also, Iron Ass really wanted meatballs. I'm never the one to say no to food, so I got myself a portion too. Delicious. We left with happy tummies, a big plant and a poster we are planning on making into one really fine piece of art.

A weekend along the green line and a little bit more. All in all, a very good one. Two thumbs up.

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