Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learning about politics. It's election year!

When you are still relatively new in a city – and even more so, in a country – it's always nice when people invite you to dinners, or parties or just give you the opportunity to experience some of the "real stuff." Therefore, when I was invited to watch the State of the Union Address a week ago, I didn't hesitate to accept. With the Presidential Election right around the corner, of course I would take the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about America politics.

I brought my partner in crime B2 with me and we were warmly welcomed by the couple hosting this little event. There we were, among a dozen Americans, watching Mr. President talk to the nation, trying to convince each and everyone to stay in America to work, because he will most certainly create jobs for all!

And those American sure know how to be political. Food and drinks were crucial on the agenda. Along with the 2012 State of the Union Drinking Game.

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