Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Certain things never fail me.

Evening comes and she wakes up. For real. Miss Nocturnal. This time, it's a little bit my own fault though.

After intense brain and heart activity, my body needed a good round as well. Thank God for the treadmill up in the new penthouse. 25 minutes, 3.05 miles. The other day, I was up there for 55 minutes and fought myself through 5.91 miles. I was pleased to recalculate and realize that it was almost 10 kilometers. Yes! This semester's workout goal is to run some kind of marathon and I feel very confident about reaching it.

Certain things never fail me. And I know for a fact that exercise always does the trick for me. Dear running shoes, never run away from me, always let me run with you. Because a good run sure makes an average day a whole lot better. Wonderful, actually.

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