Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow-factor and I want to stay here [insert several exclamation points].

The Washington Post tour was fascinating. We got to sit in on a budget meeting and it felt so surreal – the way they talked about what I read in the paper every morning. It all actually exists and these are the people who decide what I'm gonna know and learn when I go online or go through the print.

"We've got so-and-so covering Cain today, Romney is being accompanied by so-and-so and we've got our team following the development in Britain." Wow.

Another wow is the fact that I was just contacted, within the short period of ten minutes, for two more internship opportunities. Of course, I have already signed my contract and I'm thrilled with my placement, but I still got some feeling of excitement.

Can't they just please, please leave me as a post-it on the wall and let me come back to them when my spring internship ends? I really want to stay here! I need good advice on how to proceed with this. I think I will consult with my father. He is wise.

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  1. Åh så spännande Malin!! Jag är tok avis på dina äventyr även om jag själv är ute på en del!! Jag tycker att du ska klistra upp en post it i smyg på deras tavla då lär de inte glömma dig!! Kram vännen / Gabriella