Sunday, November 20, 2011

Important Announcement.

I have an important announcement to make: Sweden, it's such a shame we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a totally brilliant holiday and I love it before it even started for real. Tonight, it started a little bit and now we are just counting the days, hours, minutes until we will do it for real out on a farm in Virginia.

Thank you America for Thanksgiving. It is absolutely awesome.

[Over and Out]


  1. Hi Malin!
    I've been reading your blog for some time now as I am concidering going to Washington dc myself next year, and study journalism & public relations through IBS.

    Do you think you could write a post about the study? How much work it is, what is expected of you, what the school is like, what you like and don't like? And maybe a bit about the city? Ive been to New York, but never Washington... Im not sure whether I am going to go or not, it's too soon to tell, but my impression of the program so far is very good. However I think the amount of information on the internet is limited...

    i would really appreciate it!! your blog is great by the way, your writing is really good :)

    Lena, 19 Norway

    Your blog is great btw,

  2. Hi Lena!

    I'm glad to hear you like my writing and I would be happy to answer your questions. Why don't you send me an e-mail at and it will be easier for me to answer all the questions you might have! I'd love to help you out :)