Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Please, let's leave the building.

I don't know if it was a weekend full of walking and sightseeing that got to me, but the last two days I have been totally off. Especially yesterday. You wouldn't think that it would be possible to sleep a whole night after a whole day of sleeping, but let me tell you that I slept like a baby for almost eight hours. Lovely!

I wouldn't describe myself as bright and shining today either, but a whole lot better than yesterday. And I cannot wait to leave the building. First stop school and then, of course, the gym. Oh, how I am longing for that gym; to run and sweat and work on my pullups. Best feeling in the world.

For tonight we don't know yet, but we will leave the building, that is for sure. We try to do that at least a couple of nights during the week, even if we have a lot of studying to do. Quite often we bring our books with us, but just to get out of the apartment makes a big difference.

And it would be a shame being in this lovely area and not exploring it. Last week we took the metro three stops away to Old Town Alexandria and I almost got the feeling I ended up in France. Cute neighborhood that we will visit again. Maybe tonight even. Wherever the metro will take us, as long as it is away from the apartment!

Old Town Alexandria - cozy place indeed!

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