Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday treat and life is to be loved.

I love life! Let's just take it from there.

6:20 a.m.: "Are you coming with us for the power walk?" and of course I was. Jumped out of bed and was probably still asleep during half of that walk.
7:35 a.m.: Had a great breakfast. You gotta love an egg in the morning. Among other good stuff, of course.
8:15 a.m.: Was greeted by the Pentagon Police: "Good morning. You're okay." A greeting that made me a bit curious. Will there be a day when I'm not okay to enter the Pentagon area? Or did he, in fact, ask me if I was okay? Don't know. Had no time to ask.
9:00 a.m.: A really good class starts - PR with Jerome Cramer.
11:40 a.m.: Note in my notebook "I want to work with PR!"
12:00 p.m.: Tuna wrap!
12:20 p.m.: Gym session starts and it's as fun as always.
3:05 p.m.: Leaves the gym a lot stronger (soon) with a "I love life!"
3:40 p.m.: A good day calls for a good treat; frozen yoghurt at Pentagon City Mall.

Life is excellent and should be loved. Tonight we will do D.C.

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