Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaky day.

Alright. DC is the place where it all happens. We got that, after less than a week here. There are shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, museums, beautiful buildings, sports events, parks, nice people. This and that and even more. Yes, even Mother Nature herself is present and reminds us all of her powers.

Friday, we got to experience a huge thunder storm and heavy rain. Today, it was something a little less wet, but a little more shaky.

Around 1:30 p.m., me and two friends were standing in the gym with our new PT. We were just about to start our work out (all very excited), when we heard something that sounded like a thunder storm. When the whole building started shaking and small pieces of wood fell down from the ceiling we got a bit shaky too. Especially when our PT said "It's an earthquake! I think we have to leave the building."

It was an earthquake and we did leave the building. We had to leave school, actually. When we got home, our fellow students were waiting for us and told us that we had been adviced to stay on ground floors and be prepared for more quakes.

So far, so good with that. The damages around the area are small, almost non-existing. The National Cathedral got a bit of a turn, other than that, nothing severe. But to experience an earthquake sure feels big. What can I say, DC is the place where it all, all, happens!

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