Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene is coming.

The first week of school is over and the weekend is here - as is hurricane Irene. Well, not quite yet, but she is expected to visit us during the weekend. You Swedes out there, have you read about her? A windy little lady who's having everybody in Virginia and Maryland, among other areas, running to the stores buying flashlights, bottled water and dry food. We got a long letter under our door, telling us how to behave if she will be coming towards our building. Do not open windows, do not go outstide (okay, thanks) and some other information.

This whole Mother Nature freaky thing is just so bizarre. I don't think that we Swedes understand it. We are not used to these kind of things at all. We are not used to filling up bath tubs with water to be able to wash ourselves if the water will disappear. We are not used to stock up on food and flashlights or make sure we have generators if the power will be out. We are not used to know where to hide when ladies like Irene threatens to tear us up from our solid ground.

We are not used to things these big and these measures of precautions. But we, me and my roomies, try to follow regulations and advice and we hope that we won't fly away from our cute apartment just yet. We like it so much over here and really want to stay. No hurricane can take us!

By the way, my middle name is Irene. I just found that a little bit funny.

View from the 16th floor - so far, so good.

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