Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sleepy, stressed out student!

The stress never ends!

The printer hunt went well. A nice neighbour lend me his one and made sure to carry it down to my flat so I had it when I came home from work last night. At midnight it was time to start the battle against the website. Well, first I actually had to start the battle against technology since the printer wouldn't work with my computer. After lots of browsing I finally found the right driver to install it and I've got to admit I felt kind of proud of myself. Milon vs. Technology: 1-0!

After a few hours of clicking, re-loading and using different browsers, all of a sudden, the website was magically working. So I started worknig on my application. It did not take 20 minutes, as I had been told. Somewhere when the sun started to rise I lost track of time, let's just leave it at that.

I recieved a barcode, I logged in to book an appointment - August 1st was the first day available. What other choice did I have?! I booked it, and at first I felt relieved for having it all set, but around 5-ish, when I put my head down on the pillow it occured to me that I'm not sure I will recieve my visa in time!

To sum up: Sleepy, stressed out student is on the edge of a minor breakdown. But what can one do? Not much else than keep all fingers crossed and find a happy place. Maybe I should send a little extra love to the world, to increase the possibilities of getting some help from good karma.

May the winds blow in the right direction.

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