Friday, June 17, 2011

Packing panicking already!

After booking my ticket to D.C. and while checking all the datas, I realized that I am only allowed one piece of baggage! How in the whole wide world will that be possible? Well, it simply won't. When moving to the south of France a couple of years ago, I was struggling to pack for one semester in a relatively warm climate.

This time, I will be in need of everything from high heels and dressy suits (which I don't have yet!) to warm jackets and winter boots. And of course everythin in-between - different jackets, shoes for various occasions, lots of clothes for working out, my OnePiece and so on and so forth. I have already started packing in my mind and not even my biggest suitcase is big enough for the list I've made so far.

What a problem, huh?! I hope to solve it by paying for an extra piece of baggage.

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