Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Networking and making new friends.

When I tell people I'm about to head over to the states - yes, I've been starting to tell people for real now - they all ask the same question: "Are you going by yourself? Aren't you nervous?". On the one hand, I understand their question. On the other, I don't.

Yes, I am going by myself in that sense that I'm moving overseas without anyone I already now. Yet, I'm not going there alone, since there will be 22 other Swedish students attending the same programme. Plus, I've heard that there are quite a few people living in the US. Yesterday, I got the opportunity to meet a bunch of these Swedish students. We all got some information about the school and living abroad and for a soon to be 25-year-old like-to-travel-person it wasn't that exciting.

However, after this meeting I ended up on a bar with my soon to be classmates and it appeared, that famous "click". We made so much plans, started up a small project, bonded and all got so excited we didn't understand how we're gonna survive this summer just waiting and waiting to leave!

I'm not going to The States by myself and I'm definitely not nervous about my trip, just very, very excited!

Cheers mate!

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  1. Jag förstår inte folks förundran över att man väljer att resa/flytta utomlands själv. Visst är det härligt att dela upplevelsen och de första förvirrade dagarna med någon, men väl på plats kommer man att träffa så mycket nytt och härligt folk. Ensam kommer man aldrig att behöva vara!
    Skall bli spännande att följa dig på dina äventyr.