Friday, July 6, 2012

When life is painfully beautiful.

In the middle of life, as beautiful as it could ever be. Torn between the feeling of belonging elsewhere and knowing where home will always be. Thinking about the choices and decisions. Dreaming big and having visions.

How do you deal with all those feelings?

Travelling makes you so much richer, but somehow, for a sensitive person like me, it leaves you with an empty heart. I think about DC and how much I would love to walk those streets again. I hear a song. I remember a moment. I wonder if I did the right thing, if I really did all I could.

But when in doubt, I am so incredibly happy that I have all this. The most beautiful place on earth. 11:00pm. 64°F in water. 185°F in sauna. How could it ever be wrong to be so close to all this? Sometimes, life is just so painfully beautiful. Both here and there. We can't have it all. But we can appreciate what we have in front of us right here. Right now.

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