Sunday, June 17, 2012

The happy place – the dance floor.

I was never anxious about leaving Sweden. I was never nervous to go overseas and live there for a year. I'm an explorer and I love to be away from home. What I do not like, however, is leaving lovely people and places behind. Dear reader, you must be well aware of this fact and know that I miss DC a lot. A lot!

But what becomes of today when we keep walking around in yesterday? It's not fair to ourselves and it's not fair to what's in front of us now. So I'm trying my best to discover what's good about today. And yesterday, I believe I did.

I was having dinner with some lovely girls and I realized that I've actually missed all that. I've missed the red jackets, the nail polish, all the glitter and the dancing shoes. What's good about Gothenburg is definitely the dance group Patriciabaletten. Getting up on stage or just dance the night away at Larm.

Yesterday, I was in my dance bubble and I was just so happy. Not too bad. This Post DC Depression might pass, after all.

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