Friday, May 25, 2012

Harris Teeter or Shoppers before ICA or Coop.

I have this weird fascination with grocery stores. When I travel, that's one of the first things I check out. Maybe it's connected to my overall love of food, I don't know, but not only is food enjoyable to eat, it's also fun to look at. Grocery stores are often full of colors, shapes, forms, design. After all, the store consists of products produced to appeal and sell. It's kind of like art – right?

After living in the US and taking trips to Harris Teeter or Shoppers for fun, coming back to the Swedish market is highly disappointing and what I already miss the most is:

– Bars! In Sweden, the selection is slim and the few to choose from are ridiculously expensive. $5.00 for a two-pack? Not okay. I miss my favorite, Sunbelt's fudge dipped coconut bars.
– The cereal aisle in general and "Wheeties – Breakfast of Champions" in particular. Shopping for cereal at Harris Teeter is always such an adventure. What will I bring home?
– The great variety of cheap Ben & Jerry's. Actually, a well sorted Swedish ICA can offer many flavors, but they are way too expensive for it to be okay to stock up with a whole bunch.
– The fact that the cashier packs the bag for you. No words needed.

If I had to choose, I would pick Harris Teeter or Shoppers before ICA or Coop any day. Because bars, cereal and Ben & Jerry's are all crucial products in a well balanced diet and the stores themselves are so colorful and fun to visit.

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