Monday, May 14, 2012

Grandma says...

I've closed the 305 door one last time. At this very moment, I'm surfing on Starbucks' free AT&T wifi, waiting to board a plane to Sweden. The awkward feelings have reached their climax and left to do is nothing but to accept and keep my head up high. Crying my eyes out at the airport restroom just didn't get me anywhere. I almost impulsively bought all of the souvenirs from one of the ridiculously expensive shops just to be able to keep DC alive in my heart wherever I go, but soon realized that was not necessary.

I don't need no miniature monuments to keep DC alive. I've got it all easily accessible if I just close my eyes. And before boarding that cross Atlantic flight, I would like to send a message to the wonderful women who have been dancing by my side during this absolutely amazing year in the US. When we said goodbye on Saturday, none of us could talk, yet all of us knew. But sweethearts, let me remind you:

This is not the end. This is only the beginning of a lovely lifelong friendship and that's what's best of this year. Härligt!

So long from 305, but the 305 girls spirit will live on for a long time!


  1. Underbart skrivet! :)
    Hälsningar från den andra Bergströmspappan.

    1. Tack du! Det gäller att se det från den ljusa sidan :)