Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tutorial for my teacher and business advice to my dad.

My very first social media encounter was with a community called "Skunk." Of course, back then, we didn't know it was a social media platform. It was just a place on the World Wide Web where we spent time uploading cool images that were supposed to picture our girlfriends. "This is Emma. She's soooo like my BFF. Love ya!" type of a deal. We joined groups called August 25 is the best day to be born! and I love candy and cute puppies.

Then came other, much cooler sites, where we wrote deep entries in our diaries and connected with people with hip user names. And then, yet another site arrived – and so on and so forth.

I do belong to a generation that can still remember a time when you could not google everything and breaking news were presented on TV and radio, basta. Yet, I am one of those who have grown up with social media. Even more so, I am one of those who have grown in to social media.

This became so very obvious for me last Friday when my internship seminar ended up being a Twitter tutorial, where me and my classmates explained all the ins and outs about tweeting for our professor. Later that same day, I was telling my dad how he could (and should!) use Twitter for his business.

I am definitely a socialmediafied soul. Today, I do more than write messages about how awesome my friends are. I am even required to use it at work. And I use it to become an even savvier user than I already am. Social Media for the win! Oh okay, that cute picture thing is still going on, I forgot that nowadays, it's called to PIN.

But hey, Twitter users out there, don't forget your critical eye!

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