Sunday, April 15, 2012

There is also a Zoo with animals in the nation's capital.

When you think about Washington DC, you might think about the important politicians running around on Capitol Hill or the lobbyists driving their race on K Street. While those scenes do exist, there is also another Zoo not very far from Downtown DC. For the sporty one, probably walking distance, but otherwise along the red line toward Shady Grove, you will find a Zoo with a variety of wild animals. It's a part of the Smithsonian Institution, hence it's free.

Definitely an enjoyable Sunday activity and we've already established that Sundays should be spent doing fun things. Even if you're not that into the bizarre phenomenon of looking at animals in cages, it's nice to stroll in the park. Especially when it's 86°F (30°C).

My Zoo Sunday was neat and made me feel care free. Although, I kind of let wishing I could have taken one of the lions with me home. Or, if not, that I could transform into a cheetah and run faster than anybody else.

Can I be your friend even though we're so very different? I won't eat you. Don't be scared.

Lunch time. 


  1. Härliga bilder! Jag älskar att gå på välskötta zoo där djuren har det bra. I vissa delar av asien är det inte lika kul, för de stackars djuren ser allt annat än glada och friska ut. Ser ut som att du har det fint där borta i staterna =)

    1. Jag har fortfarande inte riktigt bestämt mig vad jag tycker om djur i bur. Lite konstigt är det allt. Men å andra sidan så skulle ju just de djuren inte klara sig en dag ute i det vilda. Oftast är det en rätt trevlig upplevelse ändå. Och i detta fall en härlig naturoas mitt i stan.