Saturday, April 14, 2012

Be on a social media schedule.

Social media is a waste of time, some say! Absolutely not, I say. Especially not if you are smart about it. Now, this is a piece of advice I am not following myself, but I wish I was. And I actually think I might. Soon. When it's time to get a fresh start.

In order to leverage your social media usage, a good idea is to set up a proper schedule and a manageable timeframe. I know I struggle a little bit with this, since I often happen to stumble upon (often without even using StumbleUpon) things I really want to read or write about.

But in a perfect social media world, a good strategy would be to create a blog schedule. Mondays for Language posts. Tuesdays deal with workout and food. Wednesdays are all about social media. Or whatever your niche is. If you even have one (do I?). Know your audience and schedule posts when they are most likely to read them.

And for your actual routine, decide how much time you should spend on each activity. Is ten minutes for browsing interesting articles enough? Can you compose a quality blog post in 20 minutes? Does it take you more than 15 minutes to respond to comments and comment on content of your interest?

I often find myself getting lost in time, so a schedule might be a good idea for me. I will definitely try it out, but right now, it's time to go!

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