Friday, March 2, 2012

They say that it's Spring Break...

...but I don't really know what that means.

Yesterday, it was spring, for sure, I get that part. The warm feeling in the air, happy people in the park and sun kissing my skin made the day so much lighter. But a break? What for?

As I'm now more an intern than I am a student, I don't feel like I need a break. My break is every single day. My break is when I get up, go to work, fulfill my duties and take notes of all the ideas that pop up in my head. My break is when my mind is busy focusing on now rather than later.

Now, this Spring Break week, I really have to deal with later. Be creative. Make decisions. Write down ideas and figure out how all ends are going to be able to meet. Not so very breaky, but absolutely necessary.

Spring Break. Whatever. Me and my roommates like to take every opportunity to celebrate and did so yesterday by visiting Kramerbooks & Afterwords (apparently we are now officially Washingtonians), browsing along the aisles at Barnes & Noble, ending the night in laughter and tears watching The Descendants. That's what I call taking a break. Lovely night with lovely ladies.

Books and Food. What a delicious combo.

We found the right section.

Have no fear.

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