Friday, March 2, 2012

My addiction, but the annoying stereotype.

I read an interesting story about Pinterest the other day. Actually, I have been reading so much about Pinterest these last few days I feel like I know all the ins and outs. Without a doubt, the whole phenomenon is very (p)interesting and I, myself, am absolutely addicted. When you need to fill your social media quota but are too tired to read tweets or compose blog posts – all hail online bulletin board Pinterest!

However, there is something about this Pinterest hysteria that bothers me and reading the article called "How Pinterest's Female Audience Is Changing Social Marketing" made me understand what.

87% of the users are women. Women stand for 97% of the site's Facebook "Likes." This is how women use the site and that is what they post. And now, here is how women will change social marketing; it will become friendlier. Because women are friendly and build relationships. They don't "do business" (and when they do, they are "bitches").

There is something so very tiring about this constant labeling of men and women. Year 2012, we still have to distinguish between male and female consumerism, interests and behavior. And as soon as women take over, it will change everything we have previously known. Doesn't that imply that we have been, up until now, doing it the "male" way, all according to how men wants it to be done?

What is what? When will people just become people? Never, I think. Because I believe it's human nature to want to categorize. And where is better to start than among ourselves. OR! On Pinterest. Yea, stop thinking about this tiring topic. Go ahead and organize your Pinboards instead. Whether you're a man or a woman.

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