Monday, February 6, 2012

Workout inspiration.

Last semester, I spent most of my days enjoying life at my campus' fitness center. Now, while working in DC Monday through Thursday, I never have time to go there, thus have to settle for the newly refurbished workout facility in our apartment complex.

Too bad, the gym is not really delivering as I hade hoped. Apart from the cardio machines, there is only one more machine, the one I truly despise; it hurts and it's useless. And for the squash hall I have just ended up with a big question mark. However, the other day I realized I could use it even though I don't play squash.

With my ipod and my imagination, I entered the big room and played around for 40 good minutes. I think that could be a good routine. You do what you can with what you've got. What I could make good use of now is just some workout inspiration and new ideas. Do you have any? Please let me know.

Without my workout, I don't function.

Wooden floor, just like back home in the Great Sea Hall.

Easy access to a treadmill is quite convenient. 

See that white dot between the buildings, to the right? That's the US Capitol.

The view while running isn't too bad.

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