Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shocking discovery!

Going through a paper – don't want to mention any names, since that is completely irrelevant – when I come to the ad section. And this is where my jaw falls down to the floor and my eyes pop out of my head. I kid you not.

Wheels, Music – Adult services?! What does this mean? What does this include? I will tell you now:

"College student in need - 26. My name is [So and So]. I'm seeking a generous man to help me out to make my ends meet and I can help you out in return. I'm a sexy blonde with a killer body. You can contact me at [don't want to pass forward any kind of contact information, thus encourage this kind of activity]. Only serious guys please!"

Oh, wow. For this particular "[c]ollege student" I only feel compassion. This poor thing claims to be in need and yes, I can tell. However, what amazes me the most is that it is actually legal to advertise these kind of services, exchanges. What?!

From what I have learned, prostitution – because that's what it's all about, no doubt about that – is illegal in America. So how can it be legal to advertise it? I am out of words. Just wanted to pose the question: what?!

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