Sunday, February 26, 2012

Remember, today is a gift, that's why they call it present.

My little iPod friend played me this song and I figured I wanted to share the message with you all. Because think about it, what do you know about here and now? Can you see what you have in front of you right now? Yes. Do you know what the picture will look like tomorrow? No. Can you connect to that feeling in your chest at this very moment? Yes. Can you predict how your heart will play tomorrow? No. So...

The heart may freeze or it can burn. The pain will ease if I can learn. There is no future. There is no past. Thank God this moment's not the last. There's only us. There's only this. Forget regret – or life is yours to miss. No other road. No other way. No day but today. There's only yes. Only tonight. We must let go. To know what is right. No other course. No other way. No day but today. I can't control my destiny. I trust my soul. My only hope is just to be. There's only now. There's only here. Give in to love. Or live in fear. No other path. No other way. No day but today.

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