Friday, February 17, 2012

Into the social media realm.

Being an intern is about so many different things. It's about getting experience, learning about a particular business, networking, showing your skills, acquiring new ones, being grateful for the opportunity, being ready to deal with the leftover tasks and having the courage to ask for new projects. Also, and what I personally think is the most important aspect, it's about finding your thing.

This constantly goes through my head. What do I have an eye for? Were do I have chances of becoming successful? What do I like? What is my thing?

A few weeks ago, me and my fellow interns were given a research project involving social media. Yesterday, we presented our material to the whole team and not only was I satisfied with all the great feedback, but I felt a rush of excitement presenting something that interests me. Needless to say, when we were asked to dive even deeper into the social media sea, I started jumping up and down (actually, not really, but I did so in my head).

I'm looking for my thing and I think I might have somewhat of a notion of what it could involve. To be continued.

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