Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday buddy! Love from Facebook and Google.

Having trouble remembering your friends' birthdays? Even your BFF's? Even though you're friends on Facebook? I mean, it does happen (does it?) that a day goes by when we don't login on FB (okay, at least we could pretend that it does).

Anyways, if you use Google Calendar (I should start doing that...) you can now make sure to have yet another media channel reminding you when it's time to sing "Happy Birthday" – and all with the help of Facebook!

I must say I was a bit surprised to read that Facebook actually allows you to basically copy-paste the information about your friends' birthdays and use that data for other applications, Google Calendar being one.

Check out this Mashable how-to-video and you have no more excuses for not remembering. But let me please ask you to do one thing: for that BFF of yours, send more than a lame Internet "Happy Birthday." If not a song, a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolate, at least a more personal and sincere birthday wish.

If I can, I prefer being there for real, baking my friend a cake!

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