Thursday, February 23, 2012

Before riding the metro: to snooze or not to snooze?

On the metro. It's 5:50pm and people just want to get home. Not overly crowded, but still, the seating is limited (your writer, for example, is standing up reading her book, which she actually enjoys having been sitting down all day).

Two women enter the train. One from the back door. One from the front. They both aim for the same seat. Only one of them can become the lucky one. Woman1 wins. Woman2 gets annoyed.

- Hey, I was going to sit there, Woman2 says showing how disappointed she is.
- Well – sorry, Woman1 answers in a short, kind of rude manner, while starring at the wall.

A long, hopeless sigh is all that comes out of Woman2, who – if that even matters – seem to be slightly older than Woman1. They are both definitely extremely tired.

My conclusion: If you snooze you lose. Too bad Woman2. However, if you don't snooze and miss out on crucial time sleeping, you become an obnoxious fellow metro rider – and citizen, even. Think about that. What would you prefer?

Don't forget to nap. Be fun metro riders, like my lovely ladies.

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