Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two thumbs up. Day one as an Intern, check!

Honestly, I barely slept at all last night. Talk about sova räv – sleep fox. Yea, I know, don't even ask, it's just something funny they say in Gothenburg. Anyhow. Got up earlier than I have in a month and ran out in the rainy Virginia/DC morning.

I smiled all the way to the office. With a heart pounding a bit faster than usual, I admit it. Entered and started breathing. I didn't die. Nobody ate me. Nothing hit me in the stomach so I couldn't breathe. Everything was just fine.

Exciting? Oh yes! Did I feel like The Intern? Oh yes! Will I like it? Oh yes, I really do believe I will. Miss Control Freak – and that would be me – just wants to get to know all these small things and then I will feel comfortable grabbing what's in front of me. I am pretty sure that I will have an amazing time and I know for a fact that I will learn a lot.

And what will I bring to the team? Always my smile and a good heart. That's how I work and operate and so far it has proven to be a good method. Intern Adventure, here I come!


  1. I'm glad you had a great first day. I hope all of the other students did as well.

    1. Thank you, Ken! And the second day was even better. I shall find out on Friday how it's been for all the others.