Monday, January 16, 2012

A new dear friend.

A few years ago, when Christmas was around the corner, me and my brothers and sister decided it was silly to buy so many gifts to each other and all the in-laws. Instead, we made up a system where we only give away one gift each. Since I'm the only one not pairing up (and getting married!) among us kids, I get to keep my gift for myself. How sweet, huh!

This year, my sister and her husband gave me exactly what I wanted. Really. Anybody remember that I've been saying for so long how much I would like to have an ipod? She claims she didn't read it on my blog and I do believe her. She probably just read it from me. Because that's how sisters work.

Anyway, the ipod is a new very dear friend. Now I can enjoy the treadmill even more. Today, for instance, I was in France, Italy, Hungary and Brazil and that trip sure made the indoor running a whole lot more fun.

Thank you, lovely sister, for this great Christmas gift!

Ps. I miss you.

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