Monday, December 12, 2011

The weak link in my chain needs a hug.

I haven't been homesick once since I left my previous home in Gothenburg and my homecountry of Sweden. As mentioned before, it's not my thing. And as I recently realized, it's also because I haven't been letting any emotions out whatsoever.

Even the fairly strong one has a weak link in her chain. I have one too. And let me tell you, I guard it with my life. Try to come close to it and I'll do anything in my power to protect it. I don't want my chain to break. It's too much of an effort to fix it and I simply don't want to.

So I keep a distance and I keep it blurry.

But every now and then, I need some extra glue and tape to keep it all together. I am so very grateful that I will get to see my lovely family in no more than ten days. It will be good to let Grandma rest for a bit and just come home and be the little baby sister.

I want a hug from someone I can really and truly trust. I'm lucky to have plenty of arms to dive into when I enter my childhood home.

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