Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We survived, we survived!

Alright. We're finally here. After unclear information and different messages, we now know for sure that today, was the last Pack Ass Tuesday of the year. Forever, we might even say.

This last Pack Ass Tuesday really peaked. It's been raining, it's been extremely grey and humid. The computer room was even more disgusting than usual and of course I picked the slowest computer of them all. Iron Ass's soup leaked out in all of her gym bag (gympapöse, Swedish word of the day, for those of you interested in learning our language). We were extremely hungry after the workout and for the first time in history, we got to stand in line and wait for the microwave. It just didn't click – which it should not do on a PA Tuesday.

We are all very happy to have come out of these long and exhausting Tuesday experiences alive and will celebrate with a cozy movie night. We're here. We made it through. And we're happy that it's over.

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