Monday, December 19, 2011

Stress relief! Enter: sick days.

So, one might wonder, what happened to the big weekend of celebrations?

Well, after lots of yawning we did go out on Friday and it became such a weird night. However, at last and at least we got 30 minutes of dancing and that was fine. That was also all dancing there was this weekend. Saturday I totally passed out and was merely dancing between headaches, a high temperature, hot and cold.

Awful, yet relatively expected. That is what happens when you relax after a stressful period, isn't it? It felt quite miserable, spending this sought-after weekend on the couch, but at least I had very nice company who made sure I had medication, kiwi and orange juice. That is pretty good stuff.

Today, I'm getting back to normal and slowly but surely I'm getting ready for tomorrow's long trip to Sweden! "I'm driving home for Christmas. Oh, I can't wait to see those faces!"

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