Friday, December 2, 2011

"Malin Bergström is now listed as in a relationship"

I saw a great clip the other day on how bizarre your online life would be if you applied this behavior to your offline (by some referred to as real) life. The clip is really funny and it made me think about other weird Facebook things.

Your relationship status for example. 

I think the post that has generated the highest number of comments on my Facebook wall was when I "went from being single to in a relationship." Lots of likes and a fair number of comments. Mostly of the "congratulations"-kind, but also a few brave ones who asked who "the lucky one" was (not that I'm saying that a person would be lucky to be in a relationship with me, but oddly enough that's how people tend to see it when we pair up – totally different topic, I'll elaborate on that one another day).

As if relationships weren't complicated enough, Facebook creates yet another issue. When are we going to become "Facebook official" and can we be a couple without "being in a relationship" online? How will people know? Should people know? Why are people so interested in our relationship status? 

And then, what happens if it ends?

I find this whole relationship-online-thing so very interesting and I would just love to see what would happen to my wall if I suddenly ”went from being single to in a relationship.” I was going to examine this the other day, but my family would probably never understand that it was merely an experiment and I don’t want to put them through yet another “Oh Milon...”

I would prefer a potential relationship to take place offline, in the real world and I don't need no social media to confirm it or disseminate that information. It's just too weird.

“You guys are crazy for getting married,” Miranda from SATC said here
and don’t I look a bit skeptical too?

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