Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The secret seven.

According to Professor Yoest, it takes seven times of hearing a message to be persuaded.

I am wondering if I have to hear the message from someone else or if the secret seven repetitions could just as well be said by myself. Suppose that the equation does work with me as both the sender and the receiver; is it true?

If I tell myself seven times that I can do it, will I believe in it? If so, it would mean that I could do it. Because everything we believe, we can also do. I see no harm in trying. I could use a little boost in these times of work and stress overload. Being the public relations student that I am, I will try to come up with a really good message and I will do my best to persuade myself.

If I succeed, well, then it really does mean that I can. On two different levels. Are you following me?

It is about time to pump it up, that good old self-esteem of mine.

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